Tasting notes of René Persoon, from Holland

La Junta Amigo Perro Merlot, Curico Valley 2019

Young Chilean merlot
Color: Purplish red color
Aroma: Intense black currant aroma and a hint of spiciness
Mouth: The fruit splashes in taste, filling the mouth, intensely fruitful and lasting.
Comments: For this price it’s a big surprise in “value for money” wine with character. Very tempting for a young wine! Excellent glass of wine!


La Junta Amigo Perro Cabernet Sauvignon, Curico Valley 2018

Color: ruby ​​red color
Aroma: inviting black currant
Mouth: Also in taste the tone is set in fruit, supple, d.d. = drinking, easy drinking wine.
Comments: Easy drinking wine for a large audience, simple in character and full of fruit.

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